The big Filehoster comparison 2018.

Easily share files with your friends and colleagues with these filehosters.

Filehoster in comparison

This offers the Filehoster comparison:

Download traffic

Download Speed

Upload Limit

Prices per month

Filehoster Vergleich Uploaded Premium

Our recommendation: Premium

  • High speed downloads without waiting
  • No advertising or Captchas
  • parallel downloads
  • Many downloads thanks to popularity

Filehoster Comparison

Fast downloads for everyone.

In our Filehoster comparison, we looked at the most popular filehosters and compared their offer.

Download Traffic

We compare the important indicator of the download volume. So how much you can download effectively.

Premium Prices

In comparison, the prices for a premium account per month, since the monthly package is among the most popular.

Filesize Limit

We also compare the maximum file sizes of each provider. Say how much you can upload.

Comparison Table

All information has been brought together in a simple and clear table, which we constantly update.

Remote Upload

A remote upload between two hosts is of particular importance to many who want to back up important files.

Download Speed

With a premium account you expect fast downloads. Therefore, we compare the promises.

Free Downloads

For casual users, the free use is usually completely sufficient.


For all providers, we have built in direct links so you can get started right away.


9,99€ per Month for is one of the most popular Filehoster and offers its premium access starting at 9.99 € per month. Therefore Uploaded is our top recommendation.

Filehoster comparison as of January 2018

All important Filehoster in a comparison table.

Find the right file host for your needs. Whether you download a lot or prefer to save a lot online. Whether you do not want to pay or are ready to pay for good quality. We have the choice for you.

Remote UploadYesYesYesYesNo
Free Download Speed50-70 Kb/s30-350 Kb/s50 Kb/s150 Kb/sunlimited
Premium Download Speedmin. 100Mbits min. 100Mbits TBAmin. 100Mbits -
Premium Download Volumen30GB / Day100GB / Day
450GB / Week
50GB / Day33GB / Day-
Premium Price /Month9,99€9,49€9,99€$14,99- / free
Order nowOrder now* Order nowr*Order now*Order now*Order now*

*Oboom itself does not have its own premium offer. Oboom offers the Multi Hoster Smoozed with which you can not only use Oboom, but also Uploaded etc.

Filehoster Recommendations

The Filehosters for super fast downloads.

Find the right file host for your needs. Whether you download a lot or prefer to save a lot online. Whether you do not want to pay or are ready to pay for good quality. We have the choice for you.

Faster and more popular
Filehoster that
Provides functionality.


per Month

Very trendy Filehoster with
a lot of
Download Traffic.


per Month


Oboom offers with Smoozed
a very appealing


per year

Note: In addition to Filehosters, we also have a Multihoster Comparison. in the Filehoster Comparison

One of the most famous and popular representatives in the file host comparison is Uploaded. The hoster has been around for a long time and probably will be even longer because it has a large user base. Uploaded offers both free accounts and premium accounts . For free accounts only the download speed is very limited. But even with the free account you can upload files up to a size of 2GB and can use as much memory as you want. At least as long as there is activity on your files. The remote upload function can also be used free of charge.

For Premium users Uploaded offers some advantages in our File Hoster comparison. You have 900 GB download volume per month and in the first month after completing even 1 TB thanks to the startup bonus. Furthermore, premium users can upload files with a size of up to 5 GB and the download speed is unlimited or depends on connection limits. The prices are with 9.99 euros in the middle field.

Filehoster Comparison: Share-Online .biz

Share-Online is not a very new file host, but it has gained a lot of customers since the closure of Rapidshare and Megaupload. The fact that the users have switched to share online is probably due to the attractive offer of the hoster . Today’s popularity of the filehoster also means that there are many downloads on the servers today.

The free account is limited at Share-Online actually only during the download. Unlike many competitors, Share-Online has found a very good model here. So you can download with a free account partly with relatively decent speed. This is because Share-Online adjusts the download speed to the current load of the servers. Early on morning or night , when server load is low, you can get a free Access download speeds over 300Kb/s .

The premium offers of Share-Online are also very attractive, because with a monthly price of 9.49 € Share-Online is the cheapest provider in our Filehoster comparison. The download volume with 450GB per week respectively 1800GB per month. This too is an outstanding value in comparison. Only the maximum file size of 2GB for uploads is somewhat limited.

Oboom in the Filehoster Comparison

The latest hoster in our comparison is called Oboom and you can not be so sure if it is a Filehoster or a cloud service. The big plus is the free 50GB cloud storage, which you get after registering. The free download speed, however, is rather sobering and also the fact that Oboom does not have its own premium offer, the user probably first surprised.

But the premium offer from the partner Smoozed also has its charm, because it costs the same month as much as the competition and annual payment again significantly cheaper with 39.95 euros per year.

In addition, the premium service Smoozed offers 50GB download volume per day and thus 1500GB per month. That moves in the upper midfield. Absolutely outstanding at this position is the fact that you can also load files from other hosters via Smoozed. Officially, there is no public list, but uploaded and share online should be supported.

But beware! The download from other providers is not necessarily included in the data volume and can temporarily, as reports show, bad or not work at all. We therefore recommend Oboom / Smoozed Premium only with care for use on other Filehostern. In terms of Oboom itself, the service performs very well in our Filehoster comparison, but the popularity compared to Share-Online or Uploaded is significantly lower. It follows that there are fewer download offers on Oboom.

The Download Traffic

So that the download does not run out of traffic.

Almost all filehosters with Premium Account reduce their download speed after intensive use.

Filehoster Comparison: Premium Download Traffic

The download volume is a significant factor in our file host comparison, because it determines how much you can ultimately download. It’s like comparing the data volume of your cell phone contract to using the Internet at a high speed Data volume limited. In Filehoster this works similarly and if you exceed the download volume it may be that the download speed drastically reduced and possibly no or less concurrent downloads are possible. In the worst case, you will be suspended from using the account for the time being.

Due to the fact that the file sizes of downloads tend to increase, the download volume has to be considered with special attention. When choosing the filehoster, you should ask yourself how much traffic you will use. If you want to download a lot, then it is advisable to choose a hoster who offers a lot of download volume from our Filehoster comparison.

Remote upload in the Filehoster Comparison

Many will surely ask, “What is a remote upload?”. So here’s the answer. With a remote upload files can be loaded from one Filehoster to another without a stop on your own PC. Normally you would have to download files first and then upload them again to the new file host. That would clearly have the disadvantage that it takes a long time via a conventional DSL or cable connection. With a transfer between two hosters the generally super fast connection of the respective hoster can be used.

However, you need a premium account with the hoster on which the files are located, because ultimately the same process is started as with a premium download. In our Filehoster comparison, we have marked accordingly which Filehoster support a remote upload. This feature is especially important if you want to additionally back up your files to other hosters. As a result, your own files are still safer against being able to go offline because, for example, a hoster will fail.

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The Filehoster Recommendation Premium Account is one of the most popular filehosters and accordingly, the distribution of downloads on this hoster is particularly large. In addition, it offers a proud 1 TB download volume in the first month and the download speed is not limited.