The Multihoster Comparison 2018.

The Multihoster for cost-effective downloads from all major filehosters.

Multihosters in Comparison

This is what the Multihoster Comparison offers:

Download Traffic

Supported Filehosts

possible Free Trial

Prices per Month / Traffic

multihoster smoozed

Our recommendation: Smoozed Pro

  • 50GB Download Traffic per Day
  • Uploaded, Share-Online, Rapidgator and so on
  • parallel Downloads
  • just 39,95€ per Year!

Multihoster Comparison

All important hosters in one package.

In our Multi Hoster comparison we look at different providers and their functions.

Download Traffic

Even with multihosters, it is important to know how much you can download in total, so compare the traffic.


Multihosters are often much more attractive than Filehoster prices and offer more, but they differ greatly with each other.


Multihosters often offer more than fast downloads. Features like a torrent cloud or a VPN are often included.

Comparison Table

Zur einfachen Vergleichbarkeit haben wir eine übersichtliche Vergleichstabelle weiter unten erstellt.


Support for the Download Manager jDownloader is now almost standard but important to mention.


Some providers offer no tariffs based on the term, but you buy prepaid download traffic.

Free Trials

Some of the providers offer free trials for a limited time or a few filehosters.


Of course, we have linked all providers directly, so you can register quickly.

Smoozed Offer

Just 39,99€ for 1 year Premium!

Smoozed is one of the most popular multihosters of our users. For 39.99 a year he is one of the cheapest providers in the market. You can download up to 50GB per day.

Multihoster recommendations

The multihosters with the most attractive offers.

A selection of multihosters, which we particularly appreciate. These three offer the right one for every requirement. Either the most important hosters in the package and a reasonable price per year, a lot of hosters in the package at a reasonable price or many additional features in the package.


Hot price for one year.
All important hosters
are supported.


per Year


Very large selection
of filehosters for
a fair price.


per Month

An attractive package
from filehosters as well as
Torrent Cloud to VPN.


per Month

Note: In addition to Multi Hoster comparison, we also have a VPN comparison.

Multihoster Comparison as of January 2018

A comparison table. All Multihosters 2018.

Find the right file host for your needs. Whether you download a lot or prefer to save a lot online. Whether you do not want to pay or are ready to pay for good quality. We have the choice for you.

All-Debrid*YesYes--TBA / some OCHs7 TageYes3,99€ / Mo
debrid-link*YesYes--TBA-Yes4,00€ / Mo
Debriditalia*Yes---LinkYes3,90€ / Mo
Linksnappy*YesYes-limitedunlimited*-Yes7,99£ / Mo
offcloud*YesYesYes-unlimited10GBYes9,99€ / Mo
Premiumax*Yes---unlimited*Free VersionTBA12,95€ / Mo*YesYesYeslimited--Yes10€ / 300GB
Premiumize*YesYesYesYesFair Use7 DaysYes8,99€ / Mo
Real Debrid*YesYes--unlimited*HappyHourYes4,00€ / Mo
Smoozed*Yes---50GB/Day-Yes9,95€ / Mo
Zevera*Yes---unlimitedfree VersionYes9,99€ / Mo

Smoozed Multihoster

Smoozed Pro offers an attractive offer that convinces with its price, especially with longer terms. The provider supports more than 20 Filehoster and a jDownloader integration is also supported. There is also the use of 2 VPN server on top. One must say that these VPNs are only an additional offer and are therefore not comparable to a full-fledged VPN provider. The total download limit for the provider is 50GB per day. So 1.5 TB per month can be downloaded. That should be enough for most users. For individual hosters there are additional daily limits, which vary according to their costs.

What speaks for Smoozed is above all the price of 39.95 € for a whole year. That is about 3.32 € per month and is thus considerably cheaper than any Filehoster and also one of the cheapest Multi Hoster. The monthly price of 9.95 is also normal frame.


  • 1 Month: 9,95€
  • 6 Months: 29,95€
  • 12 Months: 39,95€

Zevera Multihoster

Another large provider is Zevera, which offers a very extensive range. Because Zevera supports 117 Filehoster which you can download at premium speed. Furthermore, the popular download manager jDownloader is also supported here. In addition, there is no download limit at Zevera. So you can download as much as you want.

In addition, the price scale is quite interesting, because there are two models after which settled. On the one hand, you can pay for a premium membership after the term, ie monthly or for longer terms. The other option is to buy download volume like prepaid balance. The purchased volume has no expiration date and can be used like the credit on a mobile phone. The price for a month is $12.99 and $49.99 for half a year. Further prices can be found on the official site. The prices are a bit more expensive, but relatively much is offered.

Benefits of Multihosters

Cheap prices. Many fast downloads.

Multihosters attract especially with cheap prices and offer many benefits. On the other hand, of course, disadvantages.

What is a Multihoster?

A multi-hoster is a provider that bundles premium access to multiple file hosters in one package. Does not mean that you need to pay an account with each hoster, but uses the multi hoster for everyone. It is only about the download and not the uploading of files or the use of cloud services.

In addition, multi-hosters often offer additional value-added services such as a cloud service for torrent downloads. This is particularly interesting because of many negative experiences with torrent offers in Germany, because so their own IP does not appear in connection with the torrent download. Furthermore, you can use the Usenet at some. This is a kind of network that also provides files. The network can only be reached via special access and some multi hosters integrate one.

The benefits of Multihosters

Relatively logically arise from facts of the multi hoster their advantages. They bundle many individual Filehoster Premium Accounts in one service and are thus cheaper than the actual Filehoster itself, because the cost of Filehoster will be allocated to all users of the Multi Hoster. & Nbsp; In addition, the multi-hosters offer the above additional services, bundling a very attractive offer for intensive Internet users.

And the disadvantages?

Where there is light, there is also shadow: unfortunately one has to say that to the multi hosters, because they offer a lot, but that does not mean that it always works as promised.

For if you have to share the resources with many others, then that inevitably comes down to the fact that overall less download volume is available for the individual. So it may be that with providers, which offer no far-reaching restrictions, a Filehoster definitely does not work anymore, because it was loaded almost “empty”.
On the other hand, the actual Filehoster whose business model is cannibalized by the multi hoster. Accordingly, the Filehoster try to shut down the accounts of the Multi Hoster, because account sharing is not allowed under the terms of use. As a result, some OCHs may not always be available or partially permanently malfunctioning.

Is it worth a Multi OCH?

Yes. If you know you download a lot from different sources, then it makes sense to buy an account. One should, however, pay attention to their own needs and their offer when choosing the provider. Accordingly, one must estimate before buying decision how much to download and deliberately check the limits of the providers.

In addition, it may help to check various forums that deal more intensively with the individual multi-hosters to read there single user experiences. Often there are experience for different usage scenarios of the providers. In the future, we will also be followed by tests that check the reliability of each service. Nevertheless, you should get as many opinions as possible.

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The multihoster recommendation

Our favorites among the multihosters.

Two established providers in the multi-host market with many hosters and functions as well as attractive pricing.

smoozed multihoster


Supports more than 20 filehosters

e.g. Uploaded & Oboom

50GbDownload Traffic / Day

just39,95€ per Year

zevera multihoster


Supports 120 Filehosters

no Traffic limit

anonymous downloads via proxy

starting at $12,99 per Month