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Downloads are faster than ever.

With Uploaded Premium, you can download files at full speed.

Terms of Uploaded Premium.

48 Hours4,99€500Order now*
1 Month9,99€1000Order now*
3 Months24,99€2000Order now*
6 Months39,99€6000Order now*
1 year69,99€7000Order now*
2 year99,99€9000Order now*

Highspeed Downloads. 


No waiting or Captchas.


Multiple downloads parallel.


Compatible with jDownloader.

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Faster downloads with an uploaded premium account

Faster downloads without waiting time are available from Uploaded Premium. Here is the overview of the most popular and best terms. They represent a good compromise between price performance as well as safety.

1 Month

1 month is perfect for novice and low-end users.


3 Months

The ideal middle ground
is an account for
3 months.


6 Months

For intensive users,
an account is available
for about 6 months.


Notice: We also provide a extensive Multihoster Comparison.

Uploaded Premium Download Traffic

Uploaded.net has taken various measures to reduce the server load. This is similar to a mobile phone contract that normally limits Internet access to a certain amount of data at full speed. In this way, you also want to prevent the sharing of accounts on a large scale, as this harms the business of the provider. An uploaded premium account is nevertheless more than sufficient for a single intensive user. Uploaded charges 900GB of download volume 30 days a month, and with the 100GB startup bonus you’ll even have 1TB available in the first month.

After ordering an uploaded premium membership, the user receives 100GB startup volume. After that, he will be credited 30GB daily. The download volume becomes smaller with every download. If you have your uploaded account for one

does not use for a long time, you can save download volume up to 500GB. From this limit, the daily bonus of 30GB expires until the 500GB have been reduced again.

Download Speed Uploaded Premium

The download speed is not limited to Uploaded Premium offers. Unlike free users, who can only download 50-70KB/s. The download speed is limited only by the own Internet connection and the load of the Uploaded servers. From experience, the uploaded.net servers are very fast and download speeds in the gigabit range can be achieved. As a single home user you do not have to worry about too little download speed.

Benefits of Uploaded Premium

Get even more with these great features.

Uploaded Premium offers you significantly more features than the free version.

Download Traffic

30GB high speed volume per day. In the free version, there is no high-speed volume at all.

Backup Space

As a premium customer you get 10GB backup storage. Files in this memory are not deleted.

Hybrid Traffic

For each premium extension, there is 5GB Hybrid Traffic, which allows you to create hotlinks.

Collect Points

Collect points for the completion of Uploaded Premium, which you can exchange again for an extension.


Just enter and get started.

Your new Uploaded Premium Account is compatible with the popular Download Manager jDownloader. Simply enter the account and all your downloads will be processed one after the other. This is how comfortable downloading works.

uploaded premium download


Simply register at Uploaded.net with your email address.

Buy Premium

Order a premium account with any duration.


Enter your account in the jDownloader settings.

Uploaded Offer

Ignite the download Turbo today.

Order an uploaded premium account today and start your Turbo download today.

Uploaded Collect premium points

With each renewal, the uploaded membership will be credited with a certain number of points. These points can be collected and exchanged for Uploaded Premium. For 10,000 points you get 1 month Uploaded Premium. In addition, you can earn points over your own files. For each & nbsp; Download your own files points to the user credited.

Is an uploaded account worthwhile?

As usual, this question can not be answered with yes or no. It’s a decision that just matters. It depends on the usage behavior of the individual. If you’re a very busy Uploaded user, it pays off accordingly. As an intensive user, we mean someone who downloads several files per day and, more often, files that are larger than 100MB in size. If that is the case, then nothing speaks against a paid account with this Filehoster. For users who only occasionally download small and small files, a premium membership is not worth it.

10GB Backup Drive

Another interesting number in the uploaded premium offer is the so-called backup memory. This amounts to with a free account only 2GB. For an uploaded premium account this is 10GB. For the backup storage, Uploaded offers 3 expansion packages. These are staggered in 3 memory sizes, which you can book monthly. The smallest version includes 100GB and costs 4.99 euros per month. This is followed by the next level with € 6.99 for 500GB and 1TB for € 7.99 a month. The saving per GB is so enormous with increasing memory size. In addition, this memory is also bookable, if currently no Uploaded Premium is active.

The advantage of backup storage is that files are not deleted. Normally, uploaded files that have been idle for more than 30 days will be deleted. An activity is equivalent to a download. If the files are backed up by backup storage, that does not happen.

5GB Hybrid Traffic

Each time you complete an uploaded premium offer, your account will be credited with 5GB Hybrid Traffic. This traffic is also a form of download volume, which is different to use. With Hybrid Traffic you have the option to mark a file that you have uploaded or saved in your account as a hotlink. A hotlink is a direct download link. So if the user clicks on this link, he will not be redirected to the uploaded.net page as usual, but will download the file without detours. The Hybrid Traffic of Uploaded Premium can thus be used to provide files as a direct download.

This feature should be interesting for website operators, because so the own web server can be spared. The downloads then run in full “premium” speed via the uploaded server. Also the hybrid traffic can be booked additionally to the Uploaded premium account, if the 5Gb are not enough. The prices for additional hybrid traffic are not cheap.

Prices for Uploaded Hybrid Traffic:

  • 100GB: 15€
  • 500GB: 60€
  • 1 TB: 105€

The only advantage is that this traffic is handled like a prepaid balance. Speaks he does not expire after a certain period such. a month. He will stay until he has been used up.

From 6 months Uploaded Premium uDrive

If you decide for an uploaded premium period of at least 6 months you get the additional service uDrive for free. UDrive is a backup solution that you can install directly on your PC or Mac. The software then works as a file manager. You can then easily load files directly from the desktop of your PC into the Uploaded Cloud. In addition, these files are automatically private and protected. Say there are no public uploads, but pure backups of the user. The maximum file size at uDrive limited Uploaded at 2GB. After expiration of your uploaded premium account the files remain online for 45 days. If you do not renew your Premium Membership during this period, the files will be deleted.

The change from Uploaded.to to uploaded.net

In 2012, Uploaded made some major changes. For one thing, the name including the domain has changed from Uploaded.to to uploaded.net. In addition, a complete redesign of the website was published. This has been adapted to the user-friendliness and appearance of the modern standards. Furthermore, an app for Android smartphones has been released, which allows users to manage their files on the go. The storage capacities and performance of the servers have also been increased in the background in order to offer customers the best possible film host. Uploaded is still one of the most popular file host.

Uploaded Premium Support

Logically, Uploaded.net also offers a customer service service that you can contact in case of any problems with your account or other Uploaded service. Support is available on working days (Monday to Friday) from 9:00 to 20:00. There are several ways to contact him.

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