Zevera has just started a Christmas sale. In this you get a discount on certain terms of the multihoster. Before I get to the offer still a few key data to the provider Zevera. Zevera currently offers 115 Filehoster accounts in one membership. Say you save 115 premium accounts with other filehosters. These individually cost a good 10 € per month. Thus, the multi-host offers an enormous saving potential. For an overview of all filehosters, see here .

Regarding the experiences with Zevera I can only say that there are times when the servers are overloaded. However, the offer is very extensive overall with the large number of filehosters. Mostly a single hoster does not work. If you want 100% stability from certain hosters, you should better create an account directly with the relevant providers.

Now we come to the actual offer at Zevera. In the Christmas promotion you get a discount on an account with the following terms and savings:

  • 365 Days with 45% discount
  • 730 Days with 40% discount
  • Lifetime with 50% discount

Of course these are the long runtime. Zevera has been on the market for a long time. It is therefore unlikely that they will disappear in the coming years simply from the scene and you will sit at his expense. Incidentally, the offer is also valid for former Zevera customers. Anyone who had an active account with Zevera, but has already expired, also has the opportunity to take advantage of the offer.

To take advantage of the offer, simply go to Zevera.com and see prices and then you will see the Christmas prices.

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